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About Hadad

The owner and visionary behind the conservation of the Beit Castel House, once belonging to renowned artist Moshe Castel, is Yacov Hadad. A native of Tzfat, who in his youth worked as a helper boy for the great Israeli artists enchanted by the mystical ambience of the Galilee capital.  And who better to revive their legacy and narrate their intriguing tales than the man who stood beside them from their humble beginnings?


Aromatic tea in hand and shaded under pomegranate trees, Hadad will gladly recall the stories of the great hearts of artists, their tantrums and delicacy, the beauty that shook their soul and left an immortal print on the artworks we enjoy to this day.

About Castel

The original house owner is the acclaimed artist Moshe Castel. His works can be found in the halls of the Knesset, Residence of the Israeli President and Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Castel, a descendant of an expelled Jewish family from Spain, painted in his early career scenes from the Jewish Sephardic community. After many years of exploration in different techniques and inspirations, he began to use the medium that will define his art, a style of relief painting using  basalt that depicted ancient language and symbols originating from Hebrew and Sumerian culture. 

His works powerfully embodied the ancestral roots of Judaism with all its powerful mystic and faith.

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