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Was used as a Set To TV Series


Located in the Artist's Colony at the heart of the old city of Safed (Tzfat), the gallery hosts a range of works from prominent Israeli artists. Once the house of renowned artist Moshe Castel, it has recently been renovated by Yacov Hadad, a native of Tzfat,  who as a young boy knew and even assisted the grand painters of the time: the likes of Moshe Castel and Yitzhak Frenkel Frenel.  From that moment onwards, he has been dedicating his efforts into conserving and reviving the cultural heritage of the city.

He will gladly reminisce over the artists and recollect the stories behind their inspirations, whose roots delve into the ancient mysticism of the city. 

The house is decorated by the colorful works of Rolly Schaffer that spread over the doors and walls in different parts of the gallery. Many antique artifacts are scattered beneath the impressive arches and the numerous corners of the upper and lower galeries. The house fully embodies the authentic architecture of the mystical alleys of Tzfat; stone walls, blue doors and pomegranate gardens.


TV Series
The house was chosen to be the central location for the Israeli TV series
"The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem"

Trailer: Link

[Can be seen at 0:23, 0:50]

Information: Imdb

More: Variety

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